How to Use Ironman Inversion Table for your Work-Out

Ironman LX300Did you know that aside from relieving your back pain, the Ironman inversion table can also be used for workout routines? In this part of my blog, I’ll tell you what exercises you can do using your Ironman Inversion Table. From simple inverted relaxation to challenging sit ups, you can choose which ones you can do that’ll suit your body’s needs. If you will need more information about Ironman inversion table you always can check my Inversion Table Reviews.

Start with Stretching

Of course the main point of these tables were created were for stretching your muscles, spinal discs, ligaments and joints, right? So basically the very basic exercise you could do is to start with stretching. Do this daily for at least 5-10 minutes. This stretching aside from strengthening your back muscles will also promote a healthy spine thus giving you good posture.

While you are inverted and being stretched, good blood circulation is also promoted all throughout your body. Your intercalated discs (the discs in between your spine) are also decompressed. This workout will leave you feeling fresh and so relaxed if you do it right. Remember, though, to ask your doctor’s advice before trying an inversion table since high blood pressure, glaucoma, pregnancy, heart disease, bone disorders and etc are some of the contraindications.

Work out your Abs

If you have been using the inversion table for your back pain or just for stretching workouts for a long time now and have gotten used to the feeling of being inverted, then you can start doing this exercise.

First, get into your Ironman inversion table and properly secure every strap on your ankles and legs. Next slowly invert yourself to a full inversion. Now there are 2 ways to do crunches/sit-ups and you should choose the one which you are most comfortable with.

The first way is that while fully inverted, put your arms on your thighs and inhale deeply. At the time, you will exhale, slowly lift your torso upwards while sliding your hands as far down your legs as possible. Inhale again then lie back down slowly. Repeat this step 3-10 times depending on how used you are to it.

The other way to do the sit ups while fully inverted is to cross your arms on your chest or to put your hands on the back of your head. Repeat the steps above and try as hard as you can to reach ten sit-ups while at the same time listening to how your body is reacting to this new routine.

Again, remember to ask your doctor’s advice first before engaging with this workout. Don’t abuse your body and don’t hurry the routine. Getting great abs takes a great amount of time and self-discipline.

Hamstrings and Butt exercises

Want a bigger butt? Well, you will be glad you brought the Ironman Inversion Table because this can also be used for such workouts. First, get on your table and secure your safety.

Second, put yourself in a fully inverted position and using your legs, lift your body towards the ceiling. A word of caution, though, this exercise is for the experts or you need an expert around if you’re a beginner who just got out of the stretching routine.

This exercise will help build muscles in your butt and hamstrings taking away cellulite and other fats.

The Ironman Inversion Table can hold a person of up to 300 pounds and with a height of up to 6’8’’. It is another gym equipment you can add to your Christmas list.