Steps on How to Use an Inversion Table

inversion-table-useBefore I tell you how to use an inversion table, let me warn you first again that you have to check with your doctor about this form of therapy. It is contraindicated for high blood pressure patients, those with heart disease, bone disease, glaucoma, pregnant women and people above 50.

If you have already asked your doctor and he/she said you are good to go then by all means please carefully follow the steps below.


Step 1: Read the manual that came with your inversion table and look at the pictures of the procedures closely.

Step 2: Follow directions thoroughly and ask help if you are not sure about something. Don’t do it yourself if you are not the smartest in your family. LOL Assembly is the most important part to start your journey towards back pain relief, after all.

Step 3: If you have managed to assemble it, compare what your table looks like to the pictures on the manual. It must be exactly the same. From the stands to the sidebars to the location of the straps.

Step 4: Test it by rotating the table with your hands. Check if the screws are tight and nothing is damaged on your table. Also, check the stands if they will not slide on your floor’s surface.

Congratulations! You now have your assembled inversion table.

The First timer

Step 1: If this is your first time to use an inversion table, then make sure you are not alone. Make sure also that the person or people who will accompany you knows a lot or is already an expert at inversion therapy. Set your table according to your height and make sure you secure the knobs tightly after adjusting.

Step 2: Make sure your inversion table is secured on a flat surface and that no kids are running around the area where you will be exercising.

Step 3:  Make sure you will follow all the safety measures in the manual before getting on your table. Every time you use your table, check if all the joint straps and pivot points are rightly connected to avoid any accidents.

Step 4: Make sure you have read and understood all the instructions and warnings in your manual before attempting to use your table.  Remember that you will be helpless and your feet stuck above your head if anything goes wrong, so please read the instructions again and again until you fully understand it.

Step 5: Wear or use rubber shoes or any athletic shoes when using your inversion table. Keep in mind to never be bare feet when using an inversion table.

Step 6: Step into your inversion table with your back at the table. Strap or lock your ankles or any other straps that your manual says. Make sure you strap all the safety straps before starting the therapy. It is better to have someone double check everything.

Step 7: Lay down on the table gently. Start inverting by raising your arms to your chest area to get into the horizontal position. Or if your table can be controlled by the handlebars on each side of your body then use those to control your degree of inversion.

Step 8: Keep in mind not to go over the 45-degree angle if it is your first few weeks.  Let your body get used to the new exercise first. The angle would be at 25 degrees on your first week.

Step 9: After inverting, stay in horizontal position for about 1-2 minutes first before getting out of your table. This is to allow your blood flow to readjust.