Relieve Your Back Pain with Teeter Inversion Table

Teeter Hang Ups EP-56030 years ago, Roger Teeter discovered that being inverted made his back pain go away, that’s why we now have the Teeter Inversion Table. So, the question is, does it really work? Can you believe what the inversion table reviews say? My answer is definitely, yes.

You can believe me because I’m a back pain sufferer like you and tried at least 10 brands of inversion table until I found teeter hang-ups. Inversion tables have the benefits of decompressing your spines’ disks, ligaments and your body’s other joints by traction.

Because of this traction (also called gravitational traction), your back muscles, your spinal cord, ligaments and joints are relaxed. Being inverted also gives you better blood flow and helps correct bad posture. A word of caution though, please consult your doctor first before trying out inversion therapy since it is not for those who have high blood pressure, those with cardiac disease, glaucoma, pregnant, bone problems and old people.

Gravity, bad posture, carrying heavy objects and old age puts an impact on our spine’s intercalated discs which causes it to compact and put pressure on our nerves thus causing back pain, among others.

How does it relieve back pain?

The scientific theory behind inversion therapy is that when we are inverted, gravity will pull our muscles and ligaments downward which means it will stop decompressing our spine. Like I said above, this is called gravitational traction.

Because you are upside down, gravity applies the same pressure it would if you are upright. This is why gravitational traction works. It relaxes the said pressure on your back by decompressing your spine, joints, ligaments and muscles.

By using the teeter inversion table daily for about 10-20 minutes (5-10 if you’re a beginner), your back pain will start to go away little by little until such time your back muscles are fully strengthened and your spinal discs, ligaments and joints are decompressed that you won’t feel pain anymore. Of course you also need to take care of your back and avoid putting stress into it.

This video will explain more how it works

What are its other uses?

Aside from back pain relief, it is also not a waste of money to buy an inversion table since other members of your family can use it in their work out routine, to correct their bad posture or even to just relax. Again remember to check with your doctor first.

Why choose Teeter Hang-ups?

From what I’ve researched and tried about the Teeter brands, I believe that it is also one of best in the market today. The best thing about buying the product is that although it is also one of the most expensive inversion tables, you will also get a 5 year warranty compared to the other brands giving you only 1 yr.

I was tempted to buy the teeter hang up based solely on its features and I would have it weren’t for my lack of budget. Its features are more or less the same with the Ironman LX300 inversion table (my top pick) which makes its price totally worth it. So I encourage you to go check one out now and try the table for yourself.

The best advice I can give you in searching for a table is to not hurry the process. Do some research, read reviews, read about the brand and the most of all try the table a couple of times to make sure you love every part of it and its effects on you.

Key Features of Teeter Inversion Tables

  • Certified by Underwriters Laboratories
  • High quality carbon steel with adjustable pillow
  • Foam ankle holders for comfort
  • Carries up to 300 ponds weight
  • Comes with instructional DVDs and manuals
  • Has Flex Technology for deeper rotational stretches
  • 5 year warranty for all of the table’s components
  • Can be used as one of the gym equipments