Do Inversion Tables Work to Relieve Back Pain?

inversion-table-back-painAccording to doctors who have studied the theory and effects of inversion therapy, they believe that it does relieve back pain, joint pain, neck pain and gives you an over all relax feeling.

The downside is that no scientific study of more than 100 people have been done to convince these doctors that inversion tables provide a cure or a lasting effect for these pains.

Now, do I and thousand other customers think they work? My answer is a big fat yes. Like the other thousands of chronic back pain sufferers, I got rid of my back pain by inverting at least 5-10 minutes daily or longer depending on how I feel. Of course, they are right when it doesn’t provide a permanent cure but for me as long as I invert and not put my back into too much pressure, then it works great.

Mayoclinic doctor,  Edward R. Laskowski, M.D., believes in the inversion tables’ ability to decompress our spine increasing the spaces between its discs.  This is due to the fact that you are inverted and gravity is pulling your body downwards including your spine, muscles, ligaments and joints.

Another great benefit of an inversion table is its ability to relieve joint pain. Your joints are also compressed daily especially if you don’t eat healthily and do exercises.

Questions like do inversion tables work in promoting good blood circulation? Yes, it does.  Like I said in my article about the benefits of inversion table, is that when you are inverted, your blood will be brought to your brain and other upper body organs. This good blood flow will give the cells in your body more nutrients.

Another question I commonly hear is do inversion tables work if used for work-outs? Again, it is a yes for all the other people and me. I know people who use their inversion tables while doing sit-ups, crunches, hamstrings, and butt forming pull ups, among others.

Inversion therapy started way back in 400BC and became popular in the 1970s when Dr. Robert Martin a chiropractor and medical doctor published his studies about the gravity guidance system. His son then in the 80s started a company that produced gravity boots to allow people to hang inverted.

Like any other products inversion tables have a history, have been studied, tested and many customers vouch for the relief they’ve had since they started using their inversion table, I included.