History of Inversion Therapy and Inversion Tables

Benefits of Inversion TableAll we know about do inversion tables work is starting from its history …

400 BC

I was honestly surprised to find out that inversion therapy was already used as early as 400 BC where it said that the father of medicine, Hippocrates, inverted patients using a ladder to inverted the patient and realign their spine believing this will cure their illness.


Then came the 1960s where a medical doctor, osteopath and chiropractor, Dr. Robert Martin, introduced to the public his study about “The Gravity Guidance System” which he explained and showed how gravity is the natural way to stretch and decompress our spine. He made this possible by using gravity boots and a metal bar that was wedged within a door frame.


In the 1970s, Dr. Robert’s son, Dr. Robert Martin Jr., published a book about inversion therapy making it very popular. He founded the company Gravity Guidance, which manufactured these gravity boots. The product became a household name when Richard Gere, used it in the movie American Gigolo in the early 1980s.


Since then many companies have joined the trend in producing inversion tables. Some tried cheating and used cheap materials leading to accidents with the tables collapsing. These happenings were what made inversion therapy start to decline again if not for the Teeter Inversion Table company that worked hard during the 80s to provide sturdy quality of inversion tables.


Now? Even you are researching about inversion tables. Isn’t it amazingly great how wherever in this earth a person is, because of the internet he/she can purchase an inversion table to relieve his back pain or for its other benefits?

In 2007, a study which proved that inversion table could reduce the need for surgery by 78% in an experimental group of sciatica sufferers was conducted by the Newcastle University in the United Kingdom.