Discover the Benefits of Inversion Tables

Body Max IT6000Like most of all the back pain sufferers and all the people who have discovered the uses of inversion tables, you too must have heard of the benefits of using an inversion table.

Because of the popularity of Inversion therapy, particularly the with the use of inversion tables, Newcastle University in UK, performed a study back in 2007. Patients who were scheduled for surgery because of they had sciatica caused by bulged discs were asked to be the subject of how effective an inversion table is.

The patients were separated into half as the experimental group and the control group. While waiting for their scheduled surgery, patients belonging in the experimental group were engaged in a daily routine of inversion therapy whilst the control group only did general stretching exercises or procedures.

Results showed that 78% of the experimental group who used the inversion table were better and didn’t need the surgery anymore while only 23% of the control group didn’t need the surgery from doing general stretching.

Benefits of an Inversion Table

Back Pain Relief

Of course, the main benefit or the purpose of an inversion table is to stretch out your spine and the rest of your body parts by being inverted and letting gravity do its job of pulling everything downwards.

By being inverted you are applying to your spine, a force called gravitational traction which is one way of decompressing your spine’s intercalated discs, your body’s joints and ligaments and stretching your muscles. This decompression is what relieves your back pain by taking off the pressures on your back.

Neck Pain Relief

Another problem most people have is neck pain. Hanging upside down on your inversion table will also stretch your neck muscles and relieve the pain. Your neck muscles will be more relaxed due to gravitational traction.

Lymphatic System Helper

Our lymphatic system is our body’s drainage system. It rids our body of toxins, wastes and other unwanted materials while at the same time produce our antibodies and lymphocytes. These antibodies and lymphocytes help our immune system and keep us healthy.

Using your inversion table is said to increase the speed of our lymphatic system’s work. It will help in the better flow of the lymph fluid and promote better blood circulation.

Relief from Joint Pain

Like all parts of our body, our joints grow old along with our age. But some of our joints will be inflamed and hurt so bad. One of the inversion table benefits is that hanging upside down will help decompress your joints taking off the pressure that gravity has put on it daily.

Better Posture

If you are a hunchback or your work condemns you to slouch so much then another inversion table benefit you get is getting a better posture over time. Your spine will be realigned, will be decompressed and your back muscles will be strengthened thus it can support for a straight posture. With a good back and posture, your height won’t decrease as fast as you age.

Better Blood Circulation

Now this inversion table benefit is also one of the most important ones because with better blood circulation you are helping your body remove wastes faster, give the organs and tissues better nutrients and improve your overall oxygenation, especially towards your brain.

Stress Relief

When you were a child did you ever try hanging upside down from your tire swing or from your bed? Didn’t that feel relaxing? Inversion tables allow you to do just that. Hanging upside down for about 5-10 minutes can greatly get rid of your stress and leave you feeling lighter. Your muscles are stretched, your spine decompressed and your overall feeling will be better.

Inversion table = gym equipment

Yes, you read it right. Another inversion table benefit is that you can use it to perform a lot of core exercises. Sit ups, stretching, Curl-ups and many more can be performed on an inversion table. You can read all about this in my other article here in: How to use Ironman inversion table for your work-out.

My personal Experience?

It’s amazing, isn’t it? I own a Body Champ IT8070 and it got rid of my chronic back pain. Not only that, I am now using my inversion table for all of the above benefits listed. Of course you have to first check with your doctor before using an inversion table since these are contraindicated for patients who are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart diseases, glaucoma and bone diseases.