The 5 Main Benefits of Inversion Table

Benefits of Inversion TableIn my previous article about inversion table benefits, I listed 8 benefits that you could get with using an inversion table at least 5-10 minutes daily. Now, I will share to you my 5 top picks of benefits that I personally, also a back pain sufferer (or previously at that), have found the most noticeable in my 1 and a half years of using my Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table.

Back Pain Relief

If you saw the video on the main page about how inversion tables help relieve back pain then you now have an idea of what I’ll tell you. I have been suffering from chronic back pain due to sciatica for almost 5 years when I had found out about inversion therapy.

I researched day and night about it and decided to buy one. Now my back pain only returns whenever I forget to not abuse my back. How does it work?

Well, in a nutshell, one of the benefits of an inversion table is that it decompresses your spine’s intercalated discs by a force called gravitational traction. This traction gives you that stretch your back needs to alleviate the pain caused by the bulging discs or the trapped sciatic nerves (sciatica).

Joint Pain Relief

Aside from back pain, I also suffered from mild arthritis wherein my joints started to hurt. I went to my physician and was told my uric level was high which causes crystals to deposit on my joints.

This visit made me more interested to really buy an inversion table since I’ve also read about how they relieve joint pains too. Alas! I am very happy to tell you my joints haven’t hurt since then. The great effect started after only 2 months of using my inversion table daily, taking care not to abuse my body and of course by eating healthily.

Better Posture

If like me you work in front of a computer or behind a desk then you must also find yourself slouching more often than not. This hurts not only our back but also our height and worst, our overall appeal towards people.

I noticed that another of the many benefits of an inversion table is that it made my posture straighter, therefore, I’m not slouching as much. The science behind this is that by inverting at least 5-10 minutes daily, my back muscles are strengthened and, therefore, can support my spine better, giving me a straight posture.

Stress Relief

Try hanging just half of your body while lying on your bed or on a swing and see how great that feels. An inversion table can let you do this up to an 180-degree inversion. Or if you’re still a beginner you can start at just 45 degrees which are still really relaxing; lying there and feeling your spine and muscles being stretched. Feeling good will make you happy and your brain will follow fort with these good feelings by releasing more of our feel-good neurochemicals and hormones.

Work-out Benefits

Like I said in my article on How to use Ironman Inversion Table for your work-out, any type of inversion table can be used as a part of your work out routine. It can help you perform better sit-ups or crunches, intense stretching, Pull-ups for your hamstrings and butt muscles and many more.

These are the top 5 benefits I’ve noticed that made me love my inversion table and I make sure to use it every day for even as short as 5-10 minutes. I hope you will do your own research and try out different brands of inversion table before deciding on buying one of your own. Believe me; the price is definitely worth the relief you are going to get.