Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer Review – Why Most PROS Choose It?

Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer

Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer




    • - Versatile indoor bicycle trainer with leak-proof magnetic drive system and automatic resistance changes
    • - 6.25-pound flywheel offers a realistic, 15-second coastdown from 20 mph
    • - Measurable, repeatable workload with an authentic road feel
    • - Extra stable platform--even for stand-up riding
    • - Fits 22 to 29-inch wheels; unconditional lifetime warranty; lifetime crash replacement policy

    Road-Machine-2 The kinetic road machine fluid trainer is one of the best indoor bicycle trainers I have ever come across. I bought one for my home gym five years ago and it has always given me value for my money. With this trainer still going strong even several years later I have found the higher price tag for this trainer ($300) worth the money versus some cheaper trainers that did not even last me a year. There are a lot of things that one can say about this machine and that is why writing a complete kinetic road machine fluid trainer is somehow difficult. For those that are interested in this machine, I will try my level best to provide you with a brief review of this amazing bicycle trainer.

    Easy to Setup

    Road-Machine-Setup-865x1024It is important to have a trainer that is easy to travel with despite the fact that many of us would like to feel as if our bike is moving under us. The Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer by Kurt is a very compact machine that makes it easy for you to travel with it.

    Leak-proof magnetic drive system

    The machine has automatic resistance changes with a leak-proof magnetic drive system that make it a very versatile indoor bicycle trainer. The trainer is a wonderful piece of engineering especially when it comes to its road resistance unit. The machine has a fluid resistance unit that is completely sealed with a 2.84kg flywheel. The resistance curve and the road-like feel that the trainer provides are very consistent and this is attributed to its sealed fluid resistance unit and the flywheel.

    Larger tire roller

    The tire roller is slightly larger in size compared to its competitors.The diameter of its tire roller is 6.25cm and the fact that it is made of stainless steel makes it more durable. The machine has less wear on the tire and this is because of the larger roller. The temperature of the spinning elements is also lower because the machine has larger roller and excellent cooling system. The resistance unit of a kinetic road machine fluid trainer is one of its unique elements. The unit is made of two major parts that include the driver and the fluid chamber.

    State of the art resistance system

    kinetic-road-machine-fluid-300x219A small flywheel that is embedded with six rear –earth magnets forms the driver while the fluid chamber is made up of an impeller that has corresponding magnets. The chamber containing silicone fluid is completely sealed and is made of cast aluminum. The two parts are bolted together to form a single unit. As we ride, the magnets inside the driver spin the impeller through magnetic coupling effect and the silicone fluid inside the fluid chamber provides the resistance. The common design weakness of the resistance unit is eliminated by the kinetic design. The machine has 80 cooling fins and fluids that act as a coolant and therefore overheating is very rare even under intense intervals.

    Feature List

    On top of that, what makes this trainer so successful in its class is due to following features

    • Has an authentic road feel due to excellent design of its resistance system. The Kinetic Machine Fluid Trainer utilize what the company calls as medical grade silicone fluid which ‘thermodynamically neutral’. That means that the fluid resistance does not change even the temperature of the fluid builds up.
    • Has an extra stable platform even for stand up riding!
    • It comes with a lifetime crash replacement policy
    • It is more quiet and smoother compared to other type of trainers (wind or magnetic trainer)
    • There are no leaks because of the sealed fluid unit. The chamber containing the silicone fluid is completely sealed and separated from the drive system which eliminate the use of O-Ring (main component that associated with fluid leakage issue on other bike trainer brands)
    • It does not overheat when riding. The resistance system is cooled down by 80 cooling fins on the outside of the chamber that work like radiator fins.

    Things to note

    However, few things to note when you decide to purchase this trainer

    • Proper tire inflation is required for them to stop squeaking. The trainer doesn’t provide proper system to tighten the tire against the roller.
    • The Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer might be a bit pricey if compared to other bike trainers in the market especially if you are a casual rider.


    It is clear from this review that The Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer is one of the best trainers you can have in your home gym because of its efficiency and reliability. The pros are more than the cons and this is a clear demonstration of its quality.



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