How To Fight Indoor Training Boredom

boredom-is-your-faultOne of the best proven cost-effective methods to get in shape and improve your overall fitness is to utilize indoor cycling. Unfortunately, plenty of people don’t seem to stick it out with this type of exercise for long. The reason why is because they eventually get bored. And if you’re one of those people that tend to get bored after a bit of repetitive activity, here are some proven methods to help kill boredom for good!

First off, it goes without saying that indoor cycling provides you with the opportunity to stay in shape. And for those of us who prefer to stay away from the high intensity fitness related activities, it’s nearly perfect. You can adapt it for pretty much all fitness levels, being that resistance can be altered with ease. On top of that, it’s convenient because it doesn’t take up that much space within the house area.

Still, there are reasons as to why it occasionally gets a bad rap. To point out an example, very-much alike treadmill workouts – there are the usual complaints of boredom and enthusiasm fails to be present.

In case you can relate to some of these conditions, here are some of the best ways to fight boredom when it comes to indoor cycling.

DVDs & Motivational Videos

Is there anything that might keep you from becoming bored during your workout? There are certainly plenty of cycling DVDs that are made available for you to watch, and ones that are pretty good at beating the monotony of a biking routine while keeping you motivated.

Some of the virtual cycling videos by professional instructors will help guide you through the pacing and proper form to apply, step-by-step. Other ones will show you choices between the different workouts and what they could potentially do for your body. In case you’re a fan of riding outdoors, some will provide you with a computer generated video to ride along on the virtual road.

“The reason why virtual indoor cycling DVDs tend to be so successful is because they offer the experience of riding outside for the actual visual sensation of it, and not just computer generated images.”

In case you find a particular video is too slow for your specific workout needs, you might want to try fast forwarding a bit. Lots of indoor cyclists have found this feature useful because it allows for faster paced rides.

Look into different websites such as Amazon or even your local bookstore in order for you to find DVDs that are biking related and ones which will keep you peddling for longer. My current favorite is ERock Rocks! A Virtual 100 Mile Ride.

As you’re aware, cycling at home can’t compare much to the outdoor riding experience that has varied terrain to ride through coupled with wind. This is certainly true. However, as we’ve discussed – maybe riding on the outside simply isn’t an option and you have to make the best out of your indoors experience.

Other ways to improve your indoor biking experience

Besides the usual DVDs and videos that have already proven effective, you might want to include your MP3 played within the mix while listening to nature soundtracks and hearing all the sounds of an outdoor ride. The advantage here is that you aren’t forced to listen to all the car horns and dog barking.

Turn your fan on and then set the highest level on while placing it to the side of the bike. This will allow for you to feel the breeze as you pedal, and is especially useful during the summer.

For the absolute best workout, simply increase and decrease your resistance and pace as you’re riding. This will help simulate that outdoor riding experience that comes with the hills and varied terrain, and you’ll also be able to burn more calories while increasing your strength.

The different videos, music and ideas you can try out to make your indoors riding experience a whole lot more enjoyable are certainly things you don’t want to miss out on. If you find that riding inside starts getting repetitive, simply try some of these alternatives and kick start your workout back into the same position as when you first got started.