Cycling Training Tips – 4 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Trainer

Do you consider indoor cycling as one of the most important parts of your everyday fitness routine? If yes, then in this article you’ll find 4 key ways to get the most out of your trainer which will help you lose more fat and drive away boredom.

First off, you’re probably aware of the fact that indoor cycling is a great way to stay in shape. The reason why is because just about anyone can do it and its also perfect for people looking for a low impact workout. Unfortunately, just like with similar cardio exercise types, most of the time we experience boredom which leads to us stalling the actual goal reaching process.

#1 Start off by taking up the correct posture

If you’ve already joined a class then your instructor should help you understand this better, but generally the first thing you’ll have to learn is how to set up your bike. However, this isn’t a thing to worry about because it’s quite simple.

First off, look into the height of the seat. Your legs should have a bit of a bend, approximately 10 degrees at the bottom of the peddles. Also if there’s too much of a bend around your knees then you’ll have to raise the seat. Logically, if your leg is straight entirely then you’ll have to lower the seat in that instance.

Your handle bars have to be raised to a certain level of comfort. The hands need to be in a position where they’re resting comfortably upon the handle bars without you having to hunch over. Also make sure that the straps are tightened so that you can move your feet around as much as you want.

#2 Make certain to hydrate

hydrate-683x1024Regardless of whether or not you’re in a class or on your own, you’ll have to make sure that a bottle of water is not that far away. You might be able to get off your bike and go to a fountain if riding outside, but having it at your fingertips is only going to help you focus on what it is that you’re looking to accomplish without the need of a break.

Making water available at all times is of essential importance to indoor cycling. Plus as soon as you get going on your intensive workout program (especially true during the summer) the room might soon get humid and unbearably hot for you.

#3 Utilize accessories

You should know that there are lots of accessories available for the indoor cyclist. Some of those include the right shoe types, the gel seat covers, the monitors, etc. As soon as you start cycling you’ll more than likely feel your tailbone is getting a bit sore until you start getting used to the seat and position. That is why you should get bike seat covers which will be a step up in terms of comfort levels for you. You can purchase them either online or at your local retailer.

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In case you’re planning on spending a lot of time cycling then you might want to consider investing in specialized appeal such as bike shorts that are specifically made for comfort. There are also indoor cycling shoes that can be very helpful due to the fact that their design is made in a way which clips onto the pedals and you don’t have to strap your gym shoes.

#4 Use the resistance knob

Your resistance knob, regardless of whether it’s programmable or simply a manual resistance knob – you’ll have to make sure you think of it as your friend. The reason why is because it’s going to help you achieve your fitness goals. Momentarily there is only one way for you to tell whether or not you have enough resistance on your bike. Simply take a look in the mirror. If you’re bouncing up and down on the seat then you’ll have to add additional resistance.

“Remember that the more you push and challenge yourself, the more improvement in terms of results you’re going to see in the long-term.”

One of the best proven and most effective ways for an individual to reach certain fitness goals is to take on indoor cycling. This is also true if you’re on the lookout for a low impact workout.

And if you plan on making these workouts a habit, then you’ll more than likely find certain accessories helpful such as indoor cycling shoes. Make sure you have plenty of water in hand and don’t be afraid to set new challenges.