Best Indoor Bicycle Trainer – 3 Most Interesting Trainers in 2015

The winter season is coming to an end and this has put a lot of exercise routines into jeopardy due to the chilly winds and harsh environment. It doesn’t even feel nice to say `NO’ to the kids when they so much want ride their bicycles. Fitness conscious adults who preferred bicycle riding as their primary exercise routine must also really miss the open air bicycle riding experience.

That’s why bicycle trainers are the perfect thing to buy to keep inclement weather from messing with your biking goals. But if you visit the stores then it is highly likely that you would get confused about the purchase of an indoor bicycle trainer when you see so many options.

Also, choosing the common bicycle trainer is also not a good option because every individual has different exercising needs. The choice of the trainers should depend upon three major factors namely cost of the trainers, surroundings in which they are to be used and the extent of resistance training exercise you intend to practice.

You can choose any of these three trainers depending upon which factors can be traded off as per your requirements. These tips will tremendously help you while picking up the best bicycle trainer.

Forza Funlite F-2 – Athlete Grade ($100)

Forza-Funlite-F-2Air resistance based bicycle trainers are perfectly suitable for hardcore bikers and professional athletes. Probably that’s why the sturdy Forza F-2 bicycle trainer has caught the fancy of hardcore fitness enthusiasts and sports persons too. These types of trainers are probably the most popular type of trainers in 2015 because of the simple usage and cost effectiveness of the device (right around $100). The air resistance creation is done in these trainers by the usage of flywheels in the trainer device. These flywheels exert air friction on the motion of the bicycle wheels in the opposite direction of pedaling. These trainers provide the real experience of riding the bicycle in open air. The strength exerted by the peddler is the same as the strength exerted by a road biker.

“Although it is not a very quiet operating trainer, it is one of the most efficient bicycle trainers that are presently available in the market. To reduce the noise produced, the lower support of the bicycle trainer has been encapsulated in sturdy rubber material.”

The construction of the trainer is very solid and it can support various bicycle sizes easily while offering a strong wheel grip. This athlete grade trainer won’t disappoint you even as you increase your biking speed.

This athlete grade trainer known as Forza F2 device offers highest air resistance that could possibly be produced for the replication the peddling friction that is produced in heavily windy days.

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RAD Bicycle Training – Intensive Workouts ($60)

RAD-Bicycle-Training-1024x1024The amateur bikers who just like biking to replicate an average workout session can look forward to this RAD trainer. Not only is there a good amount of bicycle wheel resistance generated by the device, but average extensive workout sessions would also be feasible. That’s because of the usage of high performance magnetic entities in conjugation of flywheels for the creation of magnetic resistance on the indoor bicycle wheels.

“The noise generated in the device is less than that would be experienced with the air resistance trainers. These trainers offer a budget solution for home gyms because they are quite cheaply available while being durable.”

You could even control the increment and decrement of magnetic resistance in this trainer which would allow you to be able to burn off more calories by stationary biking. The heavyweight flywheel will make you forget that you’re peddling indoors! The cheaply priced trainer is highly scalable too as it can accommodate different wheel sizes varying from 26c to 700c. The trainer offers brilliant wheel hold which increases the durability of this trainer.

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Road Machine from Kinetic – Minimal Noise and All Around ($300)

kinetic-road-machine-fluid-300x219The fluid based resistance creation is facilitated in this Road Machine bicycle trainer. This is indeed the most efficient and indoor bicycle trainer that is available. You could use this trainer to attain speeds of 20+ miles per hour. The bicycle riding experience on the rough roads is perfectly replicated by these bicycle trainers. It is quite similar to the air resistance trainers and the same flywheel arrangement is used for creation of air friction. But the air resistance generation setup is kept immersed in a high friction generating fluid which has high viscosity. Due to this, the resistance creation effect is even more pronounced.

“The noise regulation is the best in the Road Machine bicycle trainer. This is because of the fact that the trainer mechanical parts don’t create noise because of the presence of highly viscous substance. So, if you are a multi-tasker who loves to do bicycle riding and exercising while watching TV then this is the most convenient device for you.”

As mentioned above, the resistance generation in the device is just the best. The hard core bikers would love the experience of high force indoor biking. This type of trainer is best for intense cardio exercising session or interval training. Although its cost might be somewhat higher for a budget home gym but customers have often reviewed this device as a highly durable one.

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