7 Top Rated Indoor Bike Trainer Under $200

If you are looking for entry level bike trainer, here are some the best indoor bike trainers available under $200 to keep you cycling through the worst weather. These bike trainers are listed according to their average rating in Amazon.com website in ascending order, which means from the low to the highest rating.

#7 RAD Pro Zone Bike Trainer (3.2/5)

RAD-Pro-Zone-bike-trainerThis magnetic trainer offers seven levels of resistance on the unit, and this is adjustable at the handlebar. This unit doesn’t come assembled, and requires a fair amount of assembly prior to use. It also does not get high marks for quality.

Currently $113 on Amazon.com

#6 RAD MAX Gonzo Trainer (3.5/5)

RAD-MAX-Gonzo-bike-trainerThis unit is a magnetic trainer. The major benefit of this model is the price. The RAD MAX Gonzo offers seven levels of resistance to simulate varying road conditions which can be switched at the handlebar while on your ride. Overall, this unit isn’t as quiet as some others, but the price makes it a great entry level trainer.

Currently $102 on Amazon.com

#5 RAD MAX Racer Pro (3.8/5)

RAD-MAX-Racer-Pro-bike-trainerThe RAD MAX Racer Pro offers seven levels of magnetic resistance, with the adjuster on the handlebar. The unit comes fully assembled, and folded. Once unfolded, insert the bicycle per the instructions and begin training. The unit gets low marks for quality of build with frequent complaints of non working controllers.

Currently $74 on Amazon

#4 Forza F-2 Trainer (4.1/5)

Forza-F-2-bike-trainerThis magnetic resistance unit comes fully assembled, and no tools are needed to get you started. There is no front block, so one will need to be purchased one for the front tire. The unit is exceptionally quiet. As with all trainers, slicker tires will make the unit quieter, but even with knobby tires, this unit is exceptionally quiet.

Currently $98 on Amazon.com

#3 CycleOps Wind Trainer (4.1/5)

cycleOps-wind-bike-trainerUnlike the other models, the wind uses a metal wheel to create wind resistance. The gears on the bicycle, along with the speed of the pedals control the difficulty. The setup is simplified, with adjustment cord to run to the handlebar, and the unit is listed as loud; however is relatively quiet compared to other wind indoor bike trainers. The unit get high marks for quality and durability.

Currently $144 on Amazon.com

#2 CycleOps Mag Trainer w/o Adjuster (4.3/5)

cycleOps-mag-bike-trainerThis is one of the better Mag trainers available. The CycleOps Mag has a very sturdy build, minimal setup time and quiet performance. There is no adjuster to give you the ability to vary the resistance mid-ride, but there are 5 levels of resistance that you can set on the unit.

Currently $168 on Amazon.com

#1 Blackburn TrakStand Mag 3 (4.4/5)

blackburn-trakstand-mag3-bike-trainerThough the TrakStand is considered the little brother to Blackburn’s Tech Mag series, they employ the same magnetic technology . The TrakStand is the quietest of the bunch. It comes fully assembled. The double skewer design may mean it takes a bit longer to attach your bike than with single skewer models but it allows easier rear wheel centering. There is no remote control for the variable resistance, but the quality build and high level of resistance mark this as a standout among affordable indoor bike trainers.

Currently $140 on Amazon.com